Friday, 3 May 2013

BEDM: Spring has Sprung …. at flippin' last!

Random trivia fact about me: I lived in Alaska, for three years. That’s three winters that last longer than you can imagine (so you probably can imagine but a little dramatic phrasing is OK right?) I could cope with those winters though because it was the kind of crisp, cold snowiness that you KNOW is there for the long haul and so you can be prepared … I mean, REALLY prepared. I think I’ll save stories from Alaska for future posts – I have to keep you hanging on a little now, don’t I?!

Back to what is now sunny old England – hoorah! This winter has felt far longer than those I experienced in Alaska and I have a few theories as to why:

       i.          Alaskan summers make the winter worth the wait. Ours do not.

      ii.          It rains here. A lot.

     iii.          Our snow never lasts long enough to have decent fun.

     iv.          You cannot ride a snow mobile just on wet mud (see point iii.)

      v.          Our summer last year came and went in March

     vi.          This year we had snow in March

So, anyway, spring has FINALLY arrived – properly – and I am loving it! As I sit here and type at the farmhouse kitchen table, I am looking out over a beautiful view of the Lancashire countryside whilst enjoying the early morning sun and a giant mug of coffee (on account of being up twice in the night with my kids.) This has to be one of my favourite seasons. With spring comes the hope of summer and weather to get out and enjoy. People rediscover a love of their gardens and flowers you forgot were lying dormant in the earth. There is something wonderful about this season for sure and I am determined to enjoy it! I hope you are too J

Apologies for the lateness of this post – I spent most of yesterday on the motorway to get here. Also, I am here til Monday night so there probably won’t be any pictures on my posts til then (sorry!) We have a busy few days of playing with cousins, Grandparents and farm animals. As a side note, Charlie spent a significant  chunk of the journey singing his “Nanna Pa” song (“Nanna Pa Nanna Pa” to the full tune of Twinkle Twinkle) He LOVES visiting Nanna & Pa’s farm and to be honest, his joy in seeing his grandparents makes it worth 7 hours in the car. Oh, and I drove as far as Bath (about 2hrs) before we took off the L plates and Tim took over J fairly pleased with that!

Thanks for reading x                                                                                                                                                     

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