Wednesday, 8 May 2013

BEDM: First Job

When I was 14 I got my first saturday job. It was hard grafting for £3.50 an hour but it felt so so good to get handed that cheque at the end of the day, knowing I had worked hard for that money. Plus, we're talking 14 years ago now and £3.50 went a lot further back then (also, I had no bills to pay, no house to run, no kids to pay for so every hard-earned penny was mine!)
I worked as a Kennel Assistant. The boarding kennels were fairly large and we had to walk each dog twice daily round a 1/4 mile track as well as feeding all the dogs and cleaning out the kennels daily. I can still smell the special chemicals we had to use! Because it was such a full on job we got a tea break in the morning and we also got and hour and a half for lunch. There was an old static caravan in the field which was fully working with tv, kitchen, lounge, etc and I remember my friend and I having cheap instant noodles for lunch then falling asleep watching tv before heading back for the afternoon walking session. One dog in particular (aptly named Jumbo) was so huge his head came to my chest, whilst he was standing normally. He was well behaved but enthusiastic so it took two of us to walk him - two leads round his neck, one person on each side. All in all, not a bad job - if a tad whiffy and rather poo-centric at times!

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