Wednesday, 12 November 2014

It's been a VERY long time....

Well hello there! I stopped blogging well over a year ago amidst many reasons but reading through my old posts has prompted me to take up the typing again. I forgot how much I love to write and how much I miss the theraputic process of hashing out my thoughts on the screen, helping me to make sense of myself as I go along.

So, here's a little update...

My Charlie is now four (yes, FOUR!) He is flying academically speaking and I think even the teacher is a little taken aback at his abilities, so it's a learning curve for us all!

My Micah is now two (WHAT?! Not fair... not at all) and happily chattering away in his own unique style. My first statement to people when met with their uncomprehending stares at his endless babbling? "Before you ask, no, I don't understand a word he says either!"

Perhaps the biggest adjustment is yet to come as we are expecting baby number three in just 13 weeks time. It was a bit of a shock but I have to believe it's the right thing for our family (otherwise I might go a tad loopy!) and we are certain that she will beautifully complete our little family. Five is a good number right?! Yes, you did read right, I did write 'she' ... due to the wonders of the NHS and multiple ultrasounds, it's as clear as it can be that this little one is a pink one! Charlie is very excited to be getting a baby sister and has declared that Margaret is the name for her (really?!) whilst Micah is yet to grasp the concept. When I said to him "Where's the baby?" (expecting him to point to my rather swollen tummy) he simply said "Oh no! Bebe GONE! Where bebe?" and proceed  to look under the dining chairs, you know, in case she was hiding.

If any of you have read (and remember) my original list and reason for this blog, then you may remember that item one was to learn to drive. Well, I passed my test on 25th October last year, just three days after the sudden loss of my wonderful Grandma. She lived a full & happy 91.5 years and paid for my theory test to help my driving efforts along. I know she would have been prouder than anyone that I passed first time with only one minor and she'd have phoned everyone to tell them the news (whether or not they were interested would have been irrelevant!)

Anyway, that about concludes it for now. Thanks for reading and I hope you're all well and have been up to lots of interesting things in the last year!

My loopy sons!

Charlie's first day of school, broken arm & all!