Wednesday, 1 May 2013

BEDM: Five Lines... of Happiness

1. These Faces

 2. This Man, This Marriage, This Best Friend (and watching him be an awesome Daddy)

Baby Micah is NOT impressed with the PDA!
 3. This day where I pulled my Charlie out of pre-school to hang out in the first proper sunshine of the year (and the first ice cream too!)

 4. This carpet of spring flowers currently taking over the lawn

5. The simple unadulterated joy at realising the babies slept ALL night and you got 8 hours... solid. (this has yet to happen but I remain optimistic!!)


  1. Nothing better than baby faces :D - I have two girls and they are everything to me :D - loved the post look forward to reading more through BEDM :) x

  2. Lovely pics, lovely boys and lovely post :) x