Friday, 10 May 2013

BEDM: Travel Dreams

I could use this post to list off all the beautiful places I would love to visit but I am a realistic-style dreamer and I am in a life-stage that means I cannot pack my bags and hop on a plane whenever I fancy (maybe one day?) Quite simply, my travel dream is to go back to Alaska (via Illinois so that my American bestie & I can meet each others kids and our men can meet.)  I want to introduce my husband to the people, and the place, that shaped who I am today. I want my sons to see a moose moseying (oooh, nice word combo!) in the back yard and a black bear crossing the street. There is SO much of the world I would love to see but for now I will continue to dream of my USA trip which will happen... someday!
For now, check out my pinterest board on travel.... x

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