Monday, 15 April 2013

.... And Breeeeeeathe *phew!*

It has been a crazy couple of months, hence the lack of blogging action, despite having LOTS to blog about! So, here I go...
First of all, I went to my very first CCC meeting. I had a lovely evening and 2 wonderful ladies gave me lifts to and from the train station to enable me to be there. There was quite a turnout - so much so that it was nigh-on impossible to get round and meet everyone and taste all the cakes. If I am totally honest, the group was a little too big for me but I know it can vary from month to month (the previous meeting only had 7 attendees) but Dorset is a big county so I think more groups may form in the future. It was a long way to travel too, but once I am driving it won't be so much of an issue. I tried to make a giant coffee cup cake with a irish mocha ganache but it failed.... miserably.... at the very last minute! So into the oven went a coffee chocolate cake with which I could pair the rather delicious ganache that had turned out wonderfully. It went down well but - as for the lack of photo - it really wasn't worth photographing!

Secondly, I started my driving lessons (yippee!!) My wonderful husband put me on the insurance too so I am practising at every opportunity. After all, I need to get used to driving our car (which stalls irritatingly easily and, yes, my instructors car is much nicer - but also about 10 years newer.) So far,  no-one has died and I haven't had to exchange insurance details with anyone. My theory test is booked for less than 2 weeks time so I am busy studying for that.

There are some other things I have been up to, including, but not limited to:

  • Hosting a Red Nose Day coffee & cake day
  • Helping to decorate a venue for a swanky party
  • Weaning my now 6-month old (what?!) onto solid food which has to be home made due to his dairy intolerance
  • Potty training my 2-and-a-half year old (aaaaaaaaargh)
  • Finally admitting to having Post-Natal Depression and accepting medical help (should have done it over 2 yrs ago!) 
I have more busy-ness coming up (decorating 2 wedding venues this coming weekend and I have a teething baby and a house to clean) so I won't ramble on any longer. I will simply leave you with a picture of my first EVER Simnel Cake (Mary Berry's recipe of course) complete with my first ever attempt at sugared flowers which I picked from my garden - it doesn't get much more spring like than this!
Simnel Cake.

Triple layer cake for Easter raffle at preschool

Sugared primroses & daffodils

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  1. Wow, no wonder you've been quiet on the blogging front! You have A LOT going on! Your cakes look wonderful!! And I hope the Post Natal Depression is improving daily - so pleased you got some help xx