Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Here Goes...

I wonder how may people have started their first blog post with that title, "Here goes..." Those three little dots, loaded with anticipation  excitement, or perhaps even fear? It's quite something, putting a little piece of your heart in writing and hoping that someone, somewhere, somehow will stumble across your teeny corner  of the blog-o-sphere and read it. Maybe they'll enjoy it, laugh a little with you. Perhaps even come back and read your musings again, becoming a small part of your journey.

Well, here goes... :)

I am Rachel. I am a wife, mother, avid baker, amateur cake decorator, even more amateur sewer, and a below-average musician and an ok singer (I can't ever imagining getting to the point of being able to say I'm a good singer - seems weird, to like your own voice, doesn't it?!) I digress. The point of this blog stems from my love of list making so it seems only natural to make a BIG list. Not long, but BIG in stature. The bucket type big.
At the tender age of 21, I met the most wonderful man I could ever have hoped to meet, because he was made to be mine. My first proper boyfriend and, as it happens, my husband just a year later. 6 years on and we have 2 extraordinary sons who challenge and delight us daily (in almost equal measures.) My twenties have been the most drastically life-altering years so far and I am turning 30 in exactly 2 years and 5 months, which brings me back to the list:

ONE : Learn to drive
TWO: Learn to bake. Properly.
THREE: Learn to decorate cakes. Properly.
FOUR: Sew an item of clothing from scratch.
FIVE: Write (and finish writing) a song.

There, that's my BIG list. I told you it wouldn't be long! I will be blogging about my reasons for each item on the list and my efforts in each of these areas as I go along. Of course, there are many more I could add, but I know myself and if I see a list which feels as though it may be bigger than my ability to complete it, I'll very likely not bother at all. So, these five are enough.... for now.

Thank you for reading and I'll keep you posted (in between changing two sets of nappies and keeping my eyes open with intravenous caffeine shots)

R x

ps. re: item ONE - booked my first driving lesson today! EEEEEEEEK!
pps. re: item TWO & THREE - booked my place on my first CCC Meeting too. Bring on the baking!


  1. Well, starting can be the difficult bit.
    Grace be with you all.

  2. Lots of exciting this to be getting on with. I might have to do one of these lists too. Except I already have soooo many lists on the go :)

    1. sometimes I make lists of the lists I need to make... and I almost always put items on a list that I've already done just for the joy of crossing them off! Oh dear!

  3. Excellent list Mrs K! I'm going to look forward to following your progress :) x

    1. Thank you :) If I manage item 5, I *might* be brave enough to record & you tube it :/